Movement For Equanimity

Next 5 Week Series

“Coming To Center”

Starts February 13th, 2024

EQUANIMITY:  The quality of being calm.

It comes from the root ane which means “to breathe”.


Movement For Equanmity (MFE)

is a new online movement class created by Judy Gantz influenced by her recent studies in myofascial movement principles.  We will move mindfully and slow-down in each 1 hour class, extending and strengthening from the inside out while building coordination and joy of motion. Some moves will look like Yoga and simple dance warm ups, but the power is the sequencing and quality of intention put into each action.
Inspired by Karin Gurtner’s Slings Myofasical Training, Tom Myers’ fascia theories and Irmgard Bartenieff’s connectivity principles. Created with a holistic approach having therapeutic value (resource-oriented, not illness focused), the classes will focus on connectivity, postural ease, movement freedom, meaningful self awareness and somatic education.


The link between stress, burn out and dissatisfaction looms large in modern life. When our emotions run high with threat our mind and body act out of survival. Moving mindfully with fascia focused movement can change our nervous system responses.

Intentionally moving with different fascia qualities such as plasticity or gliding, allows us to reset the physical/emotional holding patterns from stress. Stress triggers our fight, flight, freeze, collapse response showing up in our myofascial (muscle + fascia) structures as a tightening, restrictive motion or numbing of feeling. Numbing our sensations is how we disassociate from our bodies.


Fascia is rich with sensory receptors. These sensory receptors inform our perception because fascia and brain are linked with communication. Two key sensory receptors this class will develop is proprioception and interoception.


Proprioception  gives us orientation to come into our bodies, enables coordination of movement, better postural and body alignment and is the gateway for grounding.


Interoception  enables us to experience the quality of physical sensations and their effect on emotional states. You can sense and feel internally at the same time (felt-sense) and interpret sensory information. This allows us to know how we feel about the motion we are doing and ultimately guides what we perceive and how we adapt in a wellbeing-oriented way.

The Link of Stress, Trauma and the Body

When we are overwhelmed (over-focused) or under-whelmed (under-focused) , we are out of balance.  Managing stress through MFE redirects our system with calm breathing and mindful movement so we can reset.


Intentional fascia movement takes the architecture of our mind/body and can shift our nervous system by introducing new neuro-myofascial patterns to increase breathing capacity, build tensile strength, elasticity and plasticity.  Instead of blocking out the sensations in the body, interoception increases self-awareness attuning to how the movement experience makes us feel.


Learning to simultaneously move with ease while reflecting on how we feel helps develop internal harmony physically, emotionally and mentally.

Benefits of a Myofascial Movement Practice

•   Spaciousness in the body

•   Activation  of self-healing for well being and somatic trust

•   Good signal perception and kinesthetic intelligence

•   Harmonious orientation of bones for postural ease and movement efficiency

•   Adequate muscle strength & tone for resilience and integrity

•   Body wide dynamics provide for greater stability, freedom and functional movement

Meet The Instructor

Judy Gantz, M.A., CMA.

is the Director and Founder of the Center for Movement Education and Research is an international movement specialist, teacher and lecturer with a long academic career at UCLA in the department of Dance/World Arts & Cultures (1982-2005). She has taught Anatomy for dancers for over 30 years and has been working in the health and fitness industry since the 1980’s. As a certified Laban Movement Analyst she works with the principles Irmgard Bartenieff’s Fundamentals/ movement connectivity and is adding to her knowledge with recent studies in Karin Gurtner’s Slings Myofascial Training.

Judy continues to teach internationally and is currently in New Zealand. She has guest taught at the University of Limerick in Ireland, in Seoul Korea, Russia, China, Germany and the USA. As a dancer, Judy values creativity and expression; and she leads with clarity, empathy and the power to invoke personal exploration in others.

“I am interested in helping others discover the power and meaning that comes from living an embodied life. I firmly believe that conscious embodiment is the balance to 21st century technology.  Dance is a source for integrating social/cultural awareness and emotional intelligence when guided with somatic awareness. It is vital to our humanity that we connect to the wisdom within our conscious bodies and become literate in the psychophysical aspects of movement”

Multiple Options To Fit Any Schedule

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"Coming To Center"

Class Schedule:

Feb 13th and 15th

Feb 20th and 22nd

Feb 27th and 29th

Mar 5th and Mar 7th

Mar 12th and Mar 14th


New Live Class Times:

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm PST

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST

Class schedule shown above is in U.S. dates. Links to access class recordings will be made available at the conclusion of each class session. Take the whole series online in person or do by recordings and have access to Judy via email with any questions. Any classes that are missed can be done via the recordings.  Please download the latest version of the Zoom software prior to the start of the first class.

This 5-week series will bring us into the pelvic floor and the Deep Front Line (DFL) with functional choreography to build inner stability, movement freedom and postural ease. We will cultivate somatic trust and resilience with equanimity.

5 Week Series

(10 online class sessions in January/February)

Fee:  $120 (U.S.)

Payment is through Paypal. For non USA currency please use credit card on Paypal. 

Please contact us if there is a cost issue at [email protected]

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Private Online Consults Also Available

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