To The M.A.P. Journey

Special 4-Day Online Course

January 15th-16th 2022
January 22nd-23rd 2022

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”   – Aristotle

The Journey Begins With The SELF

Introduction to the MAP Journey brings freedom, spaciousness, intimacy, clarity and wisdom into our lives. Over this four-day course taught on Zoom video conferencing, you are invited to shift destructive habits for more compassionate, loving and meaningful relationships. We have developed new material after diving deep over the three-year break from Embodied Leadership Training retreats.


Expanding the Heifetz Needs Matrix (HNM) in combination with Movement for Equanimity (MFE), this course focuses on changing your perspective about danger in order to undo blame and frustration, build self-acceptance and strengthen self-responsibility. Self-curiosity opens the door for more compassionate conversations without falling into defensive patterns that range from “silence to violence”.

Mental • Affective • Physical

The Heifetz Needs Matrix

The Heifetz Needs Matrix© is a sense-making tool to understand the inner mechanisms of our minds that lead to conflict. It is a holistic systems framework based on developmental psychology – a ‘relational’ model that shows the dynamic interconnected tensions and synergies between human needs. The physical experience of our needs is fundamental to working with the Needs Matrix (HNM). Consequently, the HNM becomes a MAP of Mental, Affective, and Physical responses to needs perceived to be satisfied or seen at risk from past memories and/or present challenges.


Understanding and reworking our “needs imbalances”, is key to unlocking the pathway for conflict transformation and healing. The journey into the MAP supports each person’s and each community’s capacity for agency and self-regulation. It invites a reflexive curiosity to step onto the balcony and practice witnessing the SELF.

The Journey Begins From Within

Self Compassion Thru Mindful Presence

Our defenses are like reflexes that rule our behavioral patterns in unconscious and repetitive ways. During the course you will have several movement sessions each day to ease and recuperate from any sensitivities that might get stirred up. You will learn to witness in self compassion and come into Mindful presence.

During This 4-Day Course We Will

•   Practice fascia movement as a resource for body awareness, grounding, self-compassion and embodiment

•   Apply the Heifetz Needs Matrix to experience our 4 primary hungers and 8 human needs that drive conflict

•   Discover which of your needs are strongly anchored and what other needs are more vulnerable

•   Uncover mental stories of your inner critic and appreciate the wisdom in these voices

•   Learn to manage trigger/trauma responses to restore mental, emotional and physical balance

•   Build adaptability and resilience in mind, heart and body

Experienced Professionals Guide You On Your Journey

Meet The Instructors

Deborah Heifetz

Ph.D., CMA

Co-founder/Director of BraveHearts International, professional facilitator, mediator and social anthropologist.  Deborah is an international speaker who has worked as a special advisor to the Crisis Management Team of the Israeli Police, acted in Track II negotiations and co-founded the peace-building and community development NGO – HiMaT – with projects in Pakistan.  She co-created Embodied Leadership training for leaders in NGOs and peace groups to draw from the body as a personal resource of knowledge, resilience, “Presence” and compassion.


A YPO facilitator, her trainings develop core competencies in communication and conflict resilience for more effective leadership in order to meet today’s adaptive challenges.  Deborah is certified in Peter’s Levine’s trauma healing system Somatic Experiencing and a member of Thomas Hübl’s Pocket Project on Collective Trauma.  She brings her awareness of trauma’s multi-faceted aspects to her work – including developing her Needs Matrix.


“ The alchemy of conflict transforms the suffering of inner and interpersonal struggle into a shared experience that deepens bonding and self-discovery.  The transformation entails a journey towards wholeness that is both difficult and enlightening.”

Judy Gantz


Director and Founder of the Center for Movement Education and Research is an international movement specialist, teacher and lecturer with a long academic career at UCLA in the department of Dance/World Arts & Cultures (1982-2005). Internationally, she has taught in Ireland, S. Korea and Russia, and co-facilitated Embodied Leadership Training in Beijing, China  and throughout Germany and the USA. Her Embodied Leadership retreats were developed with Dr. Deborah Heifetz facilitating personal development from a deep embodied approach. As a dancer, Judy values creativity and expression; and she leads with clarity, empathy and the power to invoke personal exploration in others.


“I am interested in helping others discover the power and meaning that comes from living an embodied life.  I firmly believe that conscious embodiment is the balance to 21st technology.  Dance is a source for integrating social/cultural awareness and emotional intelligence when guided with somatic awareness.  It is vital to our humanity that we connect to the wisdom within our conscious bodies and become literate in the psychophysical aspects of movement”

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Course Schedule:

Saturday, Jan. 15th, 2022

Sunday, Jan. 16th, 2022

Saturday, Jan. 22nd, 2022

Sunday, Jan. 23rd, 2022


Course Times:

9:00 am – 12:00 pm PST

18:00 – 21:00 CET

We will be using Zoom for this online course.
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