The CMER Alternate Route Dance/Movement Therapy training program has been offering courses since 2005. Many of you have participated in classes with us over the years, several have completed the training and become R-DMT's. In 2017 the CMER DMT Alternate Route training program will be taking a sabbatical. Go to the website to find information about DMT Alternate Route courses. We thank you for your interest in CMER and your participation with us over the decade.

Education Director of CMER, Bonnie Bernstein is now providing private sessions in Palo Alto, California for anyone who is interested in experiencing Dance/movement Therapy for their own growth and to learn more about DMT from a personal experience.

CMER core faculty, Bonnie Bernstein, Dawn Lyon, Forest Franken and Linda Aaron-Cort may be offering courses independently during this sabbatical year. Please check the ADTA Alternate Route Website for listings.