Embodied Leadership Training (ELT)
 is for individuals, coaches, leaders and aspiring leaders, who want to learn the skills of embodiment as a way to increase self-knowledge and build more compassionate and effective relationships. ELT incorporates the best practices from somatics, movement studies, and Mindfulness along with providing models for personal development work using issues clearing, non-violent communication and voice dialogue.

ELT unites non-verbal and verbal practices to enhance emotional intelligence, increase communication skills, manage conflict and expand creativity. Knowing how your body carries and delivers emotional information is the foundation of our training. We see the pace of global change and the daily use of technology as dominating human consciousness. ELT is designed to have time to slow down, consciously move your body while learning methods to improve communication and empower your leadership capacity.

The 21st century needs leaders who can inspire, connect and mobilize people into action for greater purpose and meaning. If you feel curious about how emotions and movement can benefit your personal and professional life, then join us for Embodied Leadership Training. There are four ELT modules which focus on different themes:
Embodied Self-Awareness, Communication and Voice, Communicating Under Conflict and Creativity and Resilience.

Embodied Leadership Training can be self-organized at your company or non-profit organization.
contact us if you would like additional information.






The CMER DMT Alternate Route training program is currently on sabbatical. Go to the ADTA.org website to find information about DMT Alternate Route courses. We thank you for your interest in CMER and your participation with us over the decade.

Education Director of CMER, Bonnie Bernstein is now providing private sessions in Palo Alto, California for anyone who is interested in experiencing Dance/movement Therapy for their own growth and to learn more about DMT from a personal experience.

CMER core faculty, Bonnie Bernstein, Dawn Lyon, Forest Franken and Linda Aaron-Cort may be offering courses independently during this sabbatical year. Please check the ADTA Alternate Route website for listings.