Movement is the architect of the brain. We begin life moving in relationship with others. The way a baby is touched and handled exchanges rhythms of behavior, culture, and communication. As an infant moves and is moved, the body and mind work together to build a non-verbal understanding of life. Today, our society is less active and 60% of people are more overweight then they were 10 years ago. Children have more academic work, and spend more time sitting in front of computers and television sets. Children are growing up with limited time and opportunities to move freely through their streets and neighborhoods.




In human development, our actions pattern the growth of intelligence because movement is a sensorimotor process. The child's mind and body develops simultaneously and only in relationship with other human beings. Our socialization begins in infancy through a process of (non verbal) movement learning. Our personality and expression shapes identity, and our identity and personality are communicated through movement expression.




CMER classes integrate movement with bodily-thought-expression. Children develop physical awareness, rhythm, developmental skills of skipping, sliding, galloping, etc., along with imagination and cooperation. Each child is asked to make-up their own movements while being taught the core movement concepts of space, shape, energy and relationships. Movement learning is encouraged in a loving and fun environment so that each child’s creativity and self-esteem is nurtured and respected. Our programs seek to draw connections to curricular subjects such a reading and math, along with improving children’s physical health and body awareness.