The mission of the Center for Movement Education and Research (CMER) is to establish a place for in depth learning and research in movement education, dance/movement therapy, and ongoing understanding of the body-mind integration through movement practices. The CMER provides professional training in the varied applications of movement and dance as a creative and integrated source for improving educational, medical, social and cultural domains.


The Center for Movement Education and Research (CMER) is created as a new model of movement education, one that integrates academic theories of mind-body integration with movement and dance practice for all people. CMER is a source for educational programs which are founded on the premise that movement has the power to humanize and foster values of democracy and diversity.

The Center will offer a variety of public classes to serve a broad spectrum of citizens. Movement classes will be designed for children and adults, those with special health needs and a spectrum of multicultural backgrounds. Dedicated to developing movement as a source for education and healing, professional certificates will be given for in depth study in the field of dance/movement therapy and movement education.