"Children want to learn. When a child involves their body, mind, emotions, imagination and enthusiasm, they learn and grow. This growth is not only
in the specific experience, but also through their entire personality."

--Anne Barlin: The Art Of Learning Through Movement

Conceptual capacity is actually shaped by expressive interaction. Psychomotor development is not just gaining physical "skills" , but movement experiences can build character and are integrative to the whole child.










• Movement is a form of intelligence
--bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

• Movement can enhance cognition and self-esteem

• Moving with awareness of oneself and others promotes
empathy, the root of understanding and compassion.

• Problem solving through movement encourages creativity from each child’s mind, body, imagination, feelings and

• Creativity is a source of joy, wonder, expression, and
human necessity.

All our children's classes use creative movement principles in a loving and caring environment. CMER faculty have advanced degrees in dance education and/or dance therapy. Class size is kept small to allow for quality and personal attention.

Click the link below for our current schedule of children's classes.



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