Nancy Lyons

Nancy Lyons began dancing as a child in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she studied and performed with Elizabeth Waters, former lead dancer with Hanya Holm. She moved to the Bay Area in San Francisco in the mid 60’s where she continued to dance. She received her MA in Dance from Mills College. For over 40 years she has taught, made dances and performed in the Bay Area and internationally, including Switzerland, France, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Her extensive study of Ideokinesiology with Andre Bernard and other somatic approaches led her to investigate teaching dance as an embodied art, rather than a vacant form. In the early 70’s she became Director of the dance program at Sonoma State, noted for its early integration of somatics into the curriculum and teaching of dance. With Rebecca Fuller, former Chair of the Dance Department at Mills College, she co-authored Openings and Inner Workings, The Moving Box and The Moving Book, resources for movement exploration and dance making for K-12 through adults.

She recently retired though she continues to work as a guest artist throughout the Bay Area and as a faculty member at Sonoma State University.