Joe Provisor M.A. MFT

holds two Masters Degrees in English and Clinical Psychology, is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and has been a public school teacher for over twenty years. He has practiced Council with public school students since 1986, and has been a Council Trainer for The Ojai Foundation, the Center for Council Training, and the Council Practitioners Center (located at Palms Middle School) since 1994. An Impact Coordinator for 11 years, Joe oversaw successful student support group programs at both Thomas Starr King Middle School and Palms Middle School (LAUSD).

He is the author of numerous curricular and training materials for language arts instruction and for the Council process. Co-coordinator of the Palms Council Project since 1994, Joe has supervised the training of facilitators and teachers, and developed Council components for parents, staff, alumni, and community members. He has provided in-service training and presentations for principals, other administrators, counselors, and staff from various schools, both public and private.

Joe sees the cross-curricular application of Council and believes that the process helps students develop true literacy, deep multi-cultural awareness, conflict exploration skills, and leadership. He is committed to bringing the process to young people and to entire educational communities.