Forest Franken

has been a DMT CMER faculty member since 2008, teaching ADTA approved alternate route coursework in California and in Seoul, South Korea.  As a Dance/Movement Therapist she is also a faculty member of Circles of Four, a post-graduate international program for the training of students in the Discipline of Authentic Movement, founded by Janet Adler in 2014.

Forest received both her M.A. in dance/movement therapy (1995) and her M.F.A. in choreography (2003) from UCLA. Her work as a dance/movement therapist spans thirteen years in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, intensive outpatient programs, and rehabilitation facilities with adolescents, adults, and seniors.

In 1998, she moved to Northern California to study the discipline of Authentic Movement with Janet Adler whom she mentored with for nine years. From 2001-2008, Forest worked at UCSF/Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics where, as inpatient supervisor to chaplain interns, she explored the integration of spirituality, dance/movement therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy, and as facilitator of pain management groups, focused on the applications of dance/movement therapy and Authentic Movement principles with individuals navigating the challenges of living with chronic pain. In 2014, Forest continued her studies with Janet Adler traveling regularly to Canada to deepen her work in Authentic Movement.

Forest has a passion for teaching Authentic Movement with attention to the discipline as a vehicle for creative work and for containing and expressing life changes/losses related to the body.