Jane M. Bonbright Ed D.

Jane M. Bonbright, Ed.D. is currently Executive Director of the National Dance Education Organization, and cited as Project Director for the Capezio grant entitled: National Honor Society for Dance Arts.

Jane obtained her Doctorate in Education (Temple University), M.A. (George Washington Univ), and B.A.(Indiana University). After 30 years of dancing professionally with major American and European ballet companies and teaching in professionally-oriented training academies, Jane taught at George Washington University and instructed dance performance, technique, academics, and dance science/medicine in undergraduate and graduate dance programs.

Since 1988, Dr. Bonbright has worked at the national level in dance arts education. She has served the national Assessments in the Arts Project, as Editor and Project Coordinator for the Opportunity-to-Learn Standards for Dance Education; and four national Task Forces in Arts Education on assessments, research, early childhood education, and professional preparation/teacher training. She was Project Director for the Research in Dance Education (RDE), a four year research project funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The RDE project resulted in publication of: Research Priorities for Dance Education: A Report to the Nation (2004) that provides a summary of the information gleaned over 76 years of literature and research in dance education; the Research in Dance Education database (RDEdb) that offers in-depth information for more than 3,000 research articles/dissertations/theses in dance education; and the establishment of two Centers for Research in Dance Education (New York University and Temple University).

As Executive Director of the NDEO, Dr. Bonbright serves as a resource to the country in dance/arts education working with states on developing state curricular frameworks, assessments, certification, and comprehensive state plans for dance education to meet state education goals. She works with 150 federal/state agencies, arts/education associations, and businesses/ corporations to ensure high quality comprehensive curriculum taught by qualified dance/arts educators is included in the national agenda in U.S. arts education.




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