Sharon Poole Blair

In 1996 Sharon formed Groove Addicts, Inc. with her husband, Dain Blair. Together they run one of the top Los Angeles based Music Production Houses. They custom score music for Commercials, Television, Film and Radio. They operate their business from a state of art recording studio in West Los Angeles.

Born in 1958 and raised in Los Angeles, Sharon attended UCLA, where she focused on writing and film production. For many years she worked in the film business, initially under the wings of Jon Voight and later, Freddie Fields (“Looking for Mr. Goodbar” & “Glory”). Her parents originally hailed from London before moving to Los Angeles. Sharon spent several years in London in her early 20’s working and studying, specializing in Television Programing sales in the Mid East.

In 1985, upon her return from London, Sharon continued to work in Film, focusing more on her writing talent, especially stories for children. She also begin investing in real estate and remodeling houses. After her third house, she realized that producing films was not that different from producing/constructing houses, and focused her energies full time on building.

In 1993, Sharon gave birth to her son, Justin, and soon realized that raising a child was not going to work with 6:30 a.m. meetings at construction sites. With her expertise, she continued to consult and assist people in the building and remodeling of their homes. With the birth of her second child in 1998, a daughter, Taylor, Sharon began to write more frequently, being even more inspired by her own children and their friends.

Today, Sharon juggles motherhood, a successful business and her passion for writing. Somehow she manages to pull it all together with great enjoyment and satisfaction.