Anne Barlin

is a leading pioneer in creative dance for children. Born in France in 1916, Anne started her dance career at the age of 2 in Germany at a kindergarten that had been strongly influenced by Isadora Duncan. Later in New York City at the age of 15 she worked with the great teachers Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, Lester Horton and later Trudi Schoop.

Founder and developer of Dance Center Inc. in Los Angeles, Ms. Barlin planned and executed programs for thousands of public school children. Her work in the Claremont Unified School system produced a film and book "Learning through Movement" that helped teachers understand the role of movement in education and it has become a classic in dance education.

Anne received numerous NEA grants as artist-in-schools and has taught dance and movement throughout the United States and the World. Anne was instrumental in developing the dance therapy program at E.B. Teitz Psychiatric Clinic, and translations of her publications have been made in Spain, Germany, Israel, and Japan. Her publications include; Dance -A-Story series, The Art of Learning through Movement, Teaching Your Wings to Fly, Hello Toes, and Goodnight Toes.